Is Novell still in the dark ages?

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Tue Sep 3 18:39:04 EST 2002

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On Tue, 3 Sep 2002 15:59, Dale Shaw wrote:
> I wasn't comparing NetWare and Unix, I was comparing NetWare and
> Windows. I can see how it wasn't clear, especially on this list.
> Apologies..

It's all good...

> The same sort of things applies, though; you can't really use NetWare as
> a "client" operating system *even you wanted to*. You don't sit down in
> front of a NetWare server and read your e-mail, write scripts or browse
> the web. If you want to use wonderful tools like greg, awk, pipes etc.
> etc. then you can do it on a NetWare-connected client. It (the client)
> could be running practically anything. NetWare can serve out files with
> NFS, CIFS, Native NetWare (NCP), Native Mac (whatever).

It's not so much a matter of reading mail and writing scripts though. It's 
more to do with server maintenance and the like. It's a different mind set 
using unix than Novell. Scripting stuff is part and parcel of sys admin on 
unix (most of the time anyway). I get bored and re-write my shell scripts in 
perl, or use sed were I was using awk and vice verca. Maybe that's 'cause I'm 
just lame :)

You can still do remote stuff - in fact 99% of what I do is via ssh from my 
desktop. It's the ability to jump on the server and have a fully functional 
os at your fingertips that can save your ass sometimes!

> I'm not trying to preach to the converted - I was just sticking up a bit
> for NetWare. Having said that, I'm all about using the best tool for the
> job and don't believe that Unix is always the best tool.

True. Although, you can get most things done anyways. If not, speak up, start 
a project - there's always someone interested somewhere.

> Let's talk about NDS :-)

On the subject, have you had much experience using eDirectory on a linux box? 
I found it to be a little flakey at best. Any thoughts?

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