Blank pages from CUPS printing

Michael James michael at
Tue Sep 3 13:16:07 EST 2002

Some time ago I took the recent advice and switched to CUPS printing.

Yes, it just worked for me too, hurrah!

A few extra blank pages but I could live with it.

Now I am printing from Win2000 using my linux box as a spooler.

Jobs come out preceded by 3 blank pages!
Pages recycled by stuffing (even carefully) back into the trays
 get eaten on the second run!  Help.

Anyone know how I can inject a "Suppress blank pages"
 directive into the print system?

Under System V printing on Solaris I used to have a filter
 to strip HP PCL headers and unwanted leading and trailing ^Ds
 from all the samba generated jobs.
Anyone done anything like this in CUPS?

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