XBox Linux -> JukeBox

Terence Kearns tkearns at
Mon Sep 2 23:51:43 EST 2002

My (set top) DVD player will also do MP3s but it uses 8 chars to display 
them on the screen and navigation is basically not there.

And no, there is no standard way to store MP3s. There should be, but I 
can't imagine any prominent industry players forming a consortium to 
ratify standards for MP3s. You might have to wait a few decades while 
the custodians of the world's intellectual property (record/movie 
companies: well they sure like to think so) grow up - yadda yadda yadda.

I like the Jukebox idea. I was thinking it would go just nicely if some 
hacker could find a way to make a touch screen work with the xBox. For 
the software, need a GUI client that can run full-screen and connect to 
server which actually drives the audio. That way the client can manage 
local jukebox as well as enqueuing mp3s on the network. Why stop at 
mp3s, do mpeg movies too...

SVCD stands for Super VCD (yes, it's almost too corny to guess ;)

I've actually given this some thought before, the xBox fits into the 
equation rather nicely. It's the right price, and it has the right hardware.

OK, flame me if you like, but I was thinking of using Flash for the GUI 
client because there are lots of Flash gurus out there who could crank 
out some pretty interfaces (skins unlimited), all you'd have to do is 
give them a server API (oh yes, I should mention, Flash will do 
sockets). Flash also has a built in XML parser and is a pretty solid OO 
platform beleive it or not. And of course, it runs on Linux. You can 
also dnamically load media into the player at runtime. Drive it from a 
web server stream it from a freind's house ;)
Don't know what the chances are of getting a flash player to work on the 
xbox any time soon is tho :/ From what I've read, there's no indication 
that X is gonna be happening on it any time soon. I think the got the 
audio system working...

Bob Edwards wrote:
> Paul Bryan wrote:
>>How about mp3, vcd and svcd? Do you know if it does those as well?
> I haven't tried any of those. Of that list, I only have VCDs. What is an
> MP3 CD anyway - is there some "standard" for putting MP3s onto a CD? If
> so, I don't know what it is, but I'm led to believe that my Toshiba DVD
> player will play them.
> What is a SVCD?
> Of course, under Linux, all of these will work.
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.

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