HP Deskjet 640C malfunction

Andreas Bauer baueran at in.tum.de
Mon Sep 2 11:34:17 EST 2002

> Can someone suggest where I should look for a solution?

I had heaps of trouble printing on ink jets, using lpd and various
versions of Ghostscript, especially PS files with big graphics in it.

Now, I switched to CUPS with my HP printers and it works flawlessly.
Maybe this is not the kind of answer you were out for, but installing
CUPS is really easy and once it's running you don't want to switch back.

However, be sure you remove lpr(d) before you upgrade.  Otherwise you'll
have two queues lying around and get unpredictable results.


P.S. CUPS is fully configurable via your browser.  Oh, how nice...

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