Xinerama Question

Mark Purcell mark at
Sat Nov 30 21:28:13 EST 2002

> On Fri, 29 Nov 2002 12:21, Brett Worth wrote:
> > I've never used Xinerama and have searched the HOWTO for an answer before
> > posting this.
> >
> > It might not even be a Xinerama problem.
> >
> > What I want to do is run a Xinerama style multiple head environment where
> > the X servers are on two different hosts.

Have a look at DMX:


Distributed Multihead X Project


Current Open Source multihead solutions are limited to a single physical 
machine. A single X server controls multiple display devices, which can be 
arranged as independent heads or unified into a single desktop. These 
solutions are limited to the number of physical devices that can co-exist in 
a single machine (e.g., due to the number of AGP/PCI slots available for 
graphics cards). Thus, large tiled displays are not currently possible. This 
limitation will be solved by eliminating the requirement that the display 
devices reside in the same physical machine. This will be accomplished by 
developing a front-end proxy X server that will control multiple back-end X 
servers that make up the large display. These X servers can either run on the 
same or separate machines. 

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