Kpackage/gnorpm in RedHat 8.0

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Sat Nov 30 09:25:06 EST 2002

Doug.Palmer at (Doug.Palmer at wrote:
> > FWIW, my RH8.0 has:
> >     RedHat -> System Settings -> Packages
> That's the new one. It's pretty and nice for installation. But where are my
> details? Where's the list of packages? Where's the list of dependencies? And

Perhaps you're mistaking Redhat for Debian ;)

$ apt-cache dumpavail

I don't believe there's an equivalent in Redhat as Redhat doesn't do
anything close to proper package management.  From memory, "rpm -qa"
will give you the list of installed packages, and that's about as close
as you can get.  Since rpm dependencies are extremely weak and conflict
more than the West Bank, there's not really any point in listing them as
you can pretty much guarantee on having trouble no matter what you need
to install ;)

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