I need to burn a CD

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Nov 28 13:57:06 EST 2002


well, so far I have burnt 99 linux distro CDs for people at CLUG. This
obviously isn't good enough -- I need to push it over the 100 line before

Therefore, in a noble effort to get this to happen, I have downloaded
Knoppix. What's Knoppix? It's a linux distro which boots of the CD and
just works. It doesn't touch the hard disk of the host machine at all.
It's my understanding that not only is it perfect for showing off linux of
non-believers, it is also a candidate for a new installer for Debian.

Anyway, it only takes one cd...

Any takers to push me over that line?



Michael Still (mikal at stillhq.com)     UTC +11 hours

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