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Kim Holburn kim.holburn at
Thu Nov 28 10:15:17 EST 2002


I just recently upgraded to a very recent version of samba (2.2.5).  Now someone who uses XP has found that when he copies a file from my samba volume to a webdav volume it always deletes the original file in the samba volume.  

This is weird and only seems to occur in this exact circumstance - copying in any other way between other mounted filesystems does what you expect.  

Normally when copying between volumes in XP you get a special cursor that tells you a copy will take place, in this case with a normal drag copy the plus does not appear when the mouse is hovering over the webdav folder.  Even attempting to force the copy with the control key or right-drag or copy-paste does not stop the original being deleted.

Anyone have any ideas?  Is this a known bug?  Is there a *simple* samba option to fix it?

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