bandwidth available - requests for interest

Andrew Donehue andrew at
Wed Nov 27 14:50:39 EST 2002

Hi All!
           I was hoping for a bit of feedback from the local community. 
 I am in the lucky position of being the sys-admin for a network setting 
on a 100Mbit link.  At the moment only a small fraction is being used by 
our network (our tasks are CPU intensive - a 2.53Ghz box will only do 
1-2Mbits of data [ games ] ).  I am  looking for ways to 'put out' some 
more data - Naturally a mirror of some kind comes into mind.... Ideally 
one that gets used as much as possible (100Mbits/sec of outgoing data 
would be great).  - Any suggestions??? We would be looking for some 
hardware input as well (since we can provide the data) - but are 
interested in all ideas.....

Many thanks,
                       Andrew Donehue
                       andrew at
                       (m) 0408 654 523

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