CLUG meeting 28 November 2002

Martin Schwenke martin at
Tue Nov 26 13:01:35 EST 2002

>>>>> "Mikal" == Michael Still <mikal at> writes:

    Mikal> There are four prospective talks for this month
    Mikal> (we're doing well):
    Mikal>  - theory of proof of correctness (Martin)
    Mikal>  - linux USB input modules (Brad)
    Mikal>  - regexp based firewalling (Dr Michael)
    Mikal>  - docbook intro (Mikal)

    Mikal> I guess we see which ones people find most interesting on
    Mikal> the night, unless people want to express a preference now.

How about I make the choice easier and argue that I'm rapidly running
out of time to prepare my talk?  If people actually want to know about
proving programs correct and the real talks don't go for too long, I
can try to do something on a whiteboard...

If I see incredible demand for someone to give this somewhat
theoretical talk about programming, at a Linux User Group meeting, then
I might sit up tomorrow night and bang something together...  :-)

peace & happiness,

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