CLUG meeting 28 November 2002

tridge at tridge at
Tue Nov 26 08:07:42 EST 2002

> At the last meeting Tridge said he was keen to host the christmas bbq
> meeting, however he would have to check with his wife. Cc'ing this to him to
> see if we can get a response, otherwise just hope he has asked by the time
> he rocks up on Thursday.

I just asked, and the best day for us is the evening of Thursday the
19th December. If we start around 7pm then there is still plenty of
light for a BBQ.

Does that sound OK ? 

The deal will be that everyone brings their own food, or I can provide
a phone to call out for pizza :)

For those of you who have been to Xmas BBQs at my place before, be
warned that I have moved since the last one. My new address is
26 Carstensz st, Griffith and you can ring me on 6260 6012 if you need
to get in touch.

Cheers, Tridge

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