Adapting Control Keys for ex-mac users

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Mon Nov 25 23:57:28 EST 2002

Sam Couter (sam at wrote:
> I'm not sure that it'll help reduce confusion though.

There's a more fundamental issue... cut in vim is 'dd' (from command
mode).  In Emacs it's Ctrl-k.  In Mozilla it's Ctrl-X.  You get the

Since each application is able to bind any keypress (and key release!)
to whatever it feels like, the problem is going to have to be attacked
at the application level if you're aiming for consistency between
applications.  In which case, with decent applications (like the ones
named ;) you're able to to remap each action in that application (eg,
cut) to be the keystroke you want it to be.

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