CLUG meeting 28 November 2002

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Mon Nov 25 17:59:39 EST 2002

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Anyone else up for pre-CLUG drinks?

Michael Still wrote:
| The November CLUG meeting is next Thursday night
| (28 November 2002) at 7pm in room N101, on
| the ground floor of the Computer Science and
| Information Technology building at the ANU.
| As always, don't forget about the pizza, so come
| hungry and bring about $6 to cover the cost of
| your share if you want some.
| See for more directions and
| a map.
| There are four prospective talks for this month
| (we're doing well):
|  - theory of proof of correctness (Martin)
|  - linux USB input modules (Brad)
|  - regexp based firewalling (Dr Michael)
|  - docbook intro (Mikal)
| I guess we see which ones people find most
| interesting on the night, unless people want
| to express a preference now.
| We also have to decide who to send to LCA next
| year, as well as a venue for the Christmas
| meeting.
| Cheers,
| Mikal
| PS: Don't forget the AUUG thingie is this
| coming Saturday...
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