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On Mon, 25 Nov 2002 04:24, Razvan wrote:
> hmm... looking into smbclient code seems pretty tuff. i was hoping for
> something like a manpage or howto to look in. The second method isn't
> aproptiate as i have to scan the whole workgroup for computers and files.

I am far from a CIFS/SMB expert (this is a generic Linux list, hosted on a 
samba server - you might like to retry the query on a different list, 
including a detailed explaination of what you are trying to implement, and 
what you've already tried), but I'll have a try.

The problem is that CIFS doesn't (AFAICT) exist as a API. It really only 
exists as a "on-the-wire" format. There may have been some documentation of 
it, but if you think that smbclient is too difficult, then that level of 
documentation probably isn't going to help.

Unless you plan to re-implement bits of samba, then you probably want to save 
yourself years of your life and most of your sanity, and use the samba 
libsmbclient code. There is some reasonable documentation in libsmbclient.h, 
but it might not make a lot of sense unless you understand what the protocol 
actually does - I assume you'll read all the samba docs before starting the 
coding part.

If all you need to do is to browse the network, perhaps you'd be better off 
just putting a wrapper (perhaps a shell script) around the smbclient 

If you need a GUI, there are several already. You might like to look at some 
of those for usage tips, depending on what you are trying to achieve. For 
example, KDE comes with two kioslaves, at least one of which (in 
kdebase/kioslave/smb) uses libsmbclient.



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