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Simon Fowler simon at himi.org
Sun Nov 24 10:42:40 EST 2002

On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 10:14:36AM +1100, Michael Still wrote:
> Hey all,
> I was talking to Stephen Rothwell the other day, and he expressed a desire
> to be able to be notified of when a given file in the kernel source had
> had a patch for it submitted. I've been thinking about this, and it isn't
> too bad a problem to solve. The result is patchtrack 0.1:
> patchtrack parses email from various mailling lists (currently only lkml,
> kernel-janitor, and usb-devel), and attempts to determine which emails
> contain patches, and which files those patches are for. It then sends a
> copy of the email to all the people who have "subscribed" to that file.
> patchtrack currently is known to fail to detect:
>  - patches in mime attachments
>  - bitkeeper pull urls
> It pretty much works for everything else. It did sucessully find 302
> patches in the last week's worth of email. patchtrack can correctly part
> diff command line arguements, which makes it a lot more reliable.
> Anyway, I am announcing this here because I was hoping for a few people to
> volunteer to test it a little before I go more public. It is currently
> hanging off my sparc 10 at home, so I am also hoping not to hammer my ADSL
> feed too much.
Once you've got it working properly I imagine the kernel.org people
would be fairly happy to host it - this looks like quite a useful

One other thing you might add to it is some form of status tracking.
It shouldn't be /too/ hard, given there are now a couple of lists
which get auto-mailed whenever Linus or Marcello commits a patch to
their bitkeeper repository. Dunno how hard it'd actually end up
being, but it should at least be doable . . .


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