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Do you trust anything this guy now says??

"Talking Innovation: Marc Andreessen"
       Boston Globe (11/11/02) P. C1; Weisman, Robert 

       Marc Andreessen, Netscape pioneer and co-founder of automated
       software firm Ospware, says technology is becoming cheaper and more
       useful for companies as it moves toward commoditization. Linux, the
       open-source software that can run any UNIX application, and Intel-based
       servers are examples of what Andreessen predicts will be the future of
       IT. He says that companies whose business models leverage
       commoditization will do well, while other companies will have to adapt
       by creating highly specialized and intelligent software or developing
       technologies to handle growing IT infrastructure. Andreessen says the
       Internet has exceeded his expectations in terms of its breadth and use.
       He admits that not even those who were responsible for developing
       pioneering Internet technologies anticipated correctly how the Internet
       would take off, but nearly everyone wrongly expected interactive
       television to be the next disruptive technology. Over the coming years,
       Andreessen predicts that ideas for new technologies will continue to
       come from skilled teenagers who have innovative ideas, such as the
       file-trading network Napster--except that those teenagers will not be
       based in the United States, but in China, Russia, Indonesia, and other
       places where the Internet has given them the knowledge and tools
       necessary to innovate. He forecasts that a decade from now, "there's
       going to be a lot more software in the world than there is today."
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