Howard Lowndes lannet at lannet.com.au
Tue Nov 19 21:12:53 EST 2002

On 19 Nov 2002, Ben Elliston wrote:

> >>>>> "Howard" == Howard Lowndes <lannet=AYF06WYCMHYpAS55Wn97og at public.gmane.org> writes:
>   Howard> on a RH system running kdm, I have put the following into the /etc/kderc
>   Howard> file:
>   Howard> [Xdmcp]
>   Howard> Enable=true
>   Howard> and have rebooted the server, but I still don't see any service listening
>   Howard> on udp 177
>   Howard> Any clues out there?
> Have you made this change to /etc/X11/xdm/xdm-config?
>    ! SECURITY: do not listen for XDMCP or Chooser requests
>    ! Comment out this line if you want to manage X terminals with xdm
>    ! DisplayManager.requestPort:   0

Tks for that.  At least that got something listening on udp 177.

Now my problem is when the workstation tries to connect, the traffic is
there, but the error comes up:

"XDMCP fatal error: Manager unwilling Host unwilling"

Talk about bloody esoteric.

> Ben

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