shell variable interpolation?

Steven Hanley sjh at
Mon Nov 18 11:48:27 EST 2002


Okay so I am wondering if there is a better way to interpolate variables
within a string in shell than I have worked out here.
(seeing how we have some sick disturbed individuals who do things with sh
that it was probably never meant to do (hi Michael) I thought I might ask.

I have 

#! /bin/sh

multi_apply () {
   local string=$1
   local list=$2
   for item in $list ; do 
      line=`eval echo "$string"`      echo $line

a1="one long \$item argument"
a2="and another one"

multi_apply "$a1" "$a2"

which when I run it outputs

one long and argument
one long another argument
one long one argument

the idea is to pass in and a string in which the items should be inserted.
This seems to work fine, I wonder however if there is a better/more
efficient/faster than this.


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