Tutor needed!

Davis, Ron Ron.Davis at dva.gov.au
Fri Nov 15 13:42:41 EST 2002

Hi Folks

I need to learn Linux quicker than I can on my own so I'm looking for help! 

Does anybody here do one-on-one Linux tutoring, or know of anybody who does?

I especially need help getting up to speed with the basics, including
elementary networking, how to install and configure applications, including
compiling them if a binary is not available, debugging when things don't
work as expected... all that sort of thing.   

I'm not new to computers, I've been working as a programmer for many years,
but nearly all my experience has been on IBM mainframes programming dinosaur
languages like PL/I, COBOL and assembler so I need to get a basic grounding
in Linux fundamentals.   I'm wasting too much time searching for answers to
questions which somebody experienced could probably explain in an instant!
I want to understand how to do things at a basic level, from a command
prompt, like how to install new bits of hardware *myself* not via some
autodetect wizard or whatever.           

Ideally I'd like the tutoring at my place (Woden) so that I can learn with
the hardware I'll actually be using, maybe in the evenings, or for whole
days during the week if you're between jobs or work the night shift, but I'm
open to all suggestions.

Naturally I'd pay an hourly rate, and a pretty good one for the right person
:)  You'd need to be patient with newbie questions and have a good general
knowledge of Linux and networking.  If you're the kind of person people come
to for help, and you enjoy explaining things, then you're probably the right
sort of person.  

If you're interested shoot me an email off-list with info on your
experience, availability, rates and any q's you might have for me!

Ron Davis    
IT Infrastructure
Dept of Veterans' Affairs
Ph +61 2 6289 6241
Fax +61 2 6289 4701
Mob 0402 265 841
Email ron.davis at dva.gov.au

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