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Wednesday, Nov 13, 2002, 3pm

11. Conditional Computer Donations



Subscriber Adrian writes:

"Bill Gates' donation of $100 million dollars to India wouldn't have
anything to
do with the Indian government's good idea to take up open-source software
it?  Surely not.  Surely Bill Gates would never cheapen his philanthropic
by attaching conditions that benefited his business interests!

But you know what? I don't think they'll take the bait. Like all good
governments should be doing they are attempting to release themselves from
grip of over-priced proprietary software.

What is the Australian government doing to stop our tax dollars going
by using open-source software and using the savings to hire local talent to
maintain and modify it?

The benefits are well-researched.  Are there any departments that are doing


If anyone can come up with some examples please forward them on to
crikey at crikey.com.au (CC the list at least for my own edification please).

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