Project management

Paul Bryan pa_bryan at
Thu Nov 14 12:47:04 EST 2002

Hi, kinda' broad question here.

I was just wondering what processes people use in developing software (aside 
from all the standard software development stuff, eg. sdlc). What I'm really 
interested in is the software people use under linux (CVS, Mr. Project, case 
tools etc.). I'm curios as to whether people use a combination of things, 
maybe emacs and cvs to develop the code and doco, or a single piece of 
software to manage a project.

I'm just trying to figure out the best way to manage and document my work and 
was considering using cvs to manage all my code and documentation. I'll 
probably be writing plain text doco at the moment until I learn a bit more 
about SGML or TeX. I also need to sort out some project management (nothing 
too onerous otherwise the management will outweight the project(s) itself).

Has anyone got some pointers as to software/processes used in developing 
software on a linux platform (note, the software is developed on a linux 
platform but may be used on others)? As I said, process-wise, I'm not too 
interested in generic stuff, but how people go about things with linux or 
just unix in general.

Also, I've got some ideas for project management and version control 
software, but has anyone had any experience with case tools on linux? If so, 
any recommendations?

I hope I've explained myself well enough ;-)


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