Open Source ?

John Griffiths john at
Thu Nov 14 11:10:42 EST 2002

At 10:57 AM 11/14/02 +1100, Sam Couter wrote:
>John Anderson <john_anderson862000 at> wrote:
>> I know this will probably be a stupid question but how
>> do open source projects manage to keep going. How do
>> companies like Mozilla or Samba make money to pay
>> employees? Please don't think I'm having a go at open
>> source I think it's a brilliant concept, but I just
>> can't figure out how it all works.

It's probably worth adding that the overheads in the model are 
low enough that it doesn't have to make money.

developers want a fix to their problem. they contribute to a 
project thats already close tho their needs.

works out costing less over the long run than everyone 
re-inventing the wheel each time around.

it's not a super great for those who've made their living selling 

it's totally fantastic for those who implement it to do things in
the real world.

my 2c

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