Samba and Windows 2000

António Jorge S. Tavares ajstavares at
Wed Nov 13 20:20:49 EST 2002

   I have two computers connected to each other (using a crossed cable), one running 
Windows 2000 and the other RedHat Linux 8.0.

   I installed, configured (users and all) and started Samba, to share some folders on 
the Linux machine, and tryed to find the computer on the Windows machine, it showed up 
on my Network Neighberhood with the name and comments that I defined on the smb.conf 
file, so I thought "great, its done". No, not done!!! The problem is when I try to 
access the computer ("\\<server>"), it takes some time, and then it tells me "Network 
path not found".

   I tryed and added each computer name to the others "hosts" file, didn't work.

   Then, I confirmed if smbd and nmbd deamons are running - they are, so I looked at 
the output of tcpdump, and it seems that the broadcast is recognized when I try to 
connect from Windows machine.
   Is there something else to configure regarding the network? What can be happening?

   Thanks in advance, regards,

   A. Jorge Tavares

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