[SLUG] Re: 1 second ping times on a LAN

Sam Couter sam at couter.dropbear.id.au
Tue Nov 12 22:13:19 EST 2002

Jon Biddell <jon at fl.net.au> wrote:
> No excuse, on a stable fixed network, not to hard-code the speed / 
> duplex...  Unless, like my *^&^&^*( Intel Pro/100+ you can only get 100 
> half duplex under Linux...

I have a couple of good excuses for *not* hardcoding such things:
1) The vast majority of network cards and hubs/switches autonegotiate
quite happily (just as they're supposed to)
2) When you eventually move stuff around as you inevitably will, you will
end up with inexplicable bugs and will tear your hair out looking for
them. When you find them, you will need to LART yourself as no-one else
will be to blame.

Incidentally, Windows2000 seems to be unable to autonegotiate 10Mb half
duplex with my network card (DLink DFE-530TX) and must be explicitly set
this way at home when plugged into my no-name 10Mb hub. Plugged into
either a 10Mb or 100Mb DLink switch it autonegotiates full duplex fine.
Linux handles 10Mb half duplex automatically and I don't have any
problems with any other cards, so I've pretty much put it down to poor
drivers in Win2K at this point.
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