daa daa at
Tue Nov 12 00:00:20 EST 2002

>I'm about to get ADSL connected, and discovered that there are USB and
>Ethernet modems.

Given the choice, get an Ethernet modem. However, I've set up and 
successfully run a bog standard Alcatel USB ADSL modem. These are the 
ones Telstra give you. You will need at least kernel 2.4.19 to get 
support for the ethernet->USB wigit that Telstra use. Make sure support 
for all the USB network devices are compiled. I can't remember exactly 
which chipset the Telstra wigits use.

Provided the kernel module for the wigit kicks in automatically (as it 
should), the ADSL modem will be listed as one of the ethX network 
devices under ifconfig. Just give the name of the device to the Roaring 
Penguin config and off you go. I haven't had any drop out problems.


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