Help with an 'Open Source' Briefing

Peter Lavender plaven at
Mon Nov 11 13:53:21 EST 2002

> At the computer society conferece on Saturday, Ted Quinlan [Treasurer etc] spoke.
> There was a question about why he didn't mention 'Open Source', especially as
> we're especially good at it - we have OzLabs, Tridge, Ben Elliston, Martion Pool
> [and many, many others :-)]
> Ted said he didn't know what it was [!!!] and he'd like a briefing on it.
In today's Canberra times there's a "front page" article in the IT
section about Kate Lundy's talk as some conference, pushing the ideals
and values of Open Source as a means of breaking vendor lock in.

> Anyone got anything firm [docs or links] that I could either pass onto them or use
> as the basis of a talk???

Can't help here.  I was just impressed enough that Kate Lundy is
talking about it publicly.  If Ted Quinlan doesn't want to "fall
behind" so to speak, he would do well to read up on the subject.  Kate
Lundy quoted Giga and Burton reports, and while I'm not saying these
guys are always the best reference for Open Source, they do carry
weight in such circles... so I would make sure that any presentation
also takes from such reports... of course the problem there is you
have to pay a small fortune to access the information.

Given the amount of press the Perviun (sp?) Govt generated when they
all but went the slap down on MS, I'm sure there is plenty of material
out there.  Maybe search slashdot for some decent links?

Good luck with your endeavour..



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