linux in government

John Griffiths john at
Sun Nov 10 11:45:43 EST 2002

sadly i need to manipulate a lot of the adobe extensions to pdf, (the
fields in the 
information section, the bookmarks etc,)

also the distiller (as discussed on this list) is unequalled in the free world

and the adobe distiller server which does purport to run on linux costs 

i'm working on getting win4lin going to cover my legacy apps.

also i'm somewhat limited in my ability to reshape the work practices of the 
office ;-)



At 08:29 AM 11/9/02 +1100, Rob Weir wrote:
>On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 04:21:12PM +1100, John Griffiths wrote:
>> Work requires windows at work until such time as i can handle docs and pdfs
>> as i would in windows.
>For PDF's at least, I would argue the Free route gives a much better set
>of tools.  Both xpdf and gv (if you can live with hyperlinks, ECMAScript
>and the page preview index thingy) are far better PDF viewers than any
>version of Acrobat I've ever seen.  pdflatex and DocBook produce
>beautiful documents and the pdf2X tools (maybe combined with the netpbm
>tools) let you convert them to any other file type under the sun and
>it's all Free.
>For Word documents I don't know, and thankfully don't have to care right
>now; the CS department at the ANU is nearly completely Unix-based so
>LaTeX, PostScript, PDF and Emacs are the orders of the day.
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