Potato->woody upgrade fails

Nemo - earth native nemo at nut.house.cx
Sat Nov 9 17:35:28 EST 2002

On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 02:01:55PM +1100, Alex Satrapa did utter:
> so it lists all the extra packages it's about to install for you. The 
> only times I've had problems with apt-get is when packages were broken 

No, sometimes stuff is correctly "suggested" or "recommended" - but the
system fails to work properly without them. A good example of this is
xfonts and X. Install the X11 system from apt-get and meet all the
dependancies, and you still wont have fonts. They're not required since
you /could/ have a fontserver... of course, 99% of people wont, and will
want the fonts locally...

I've been tripped up a couple of times by apt-get with this - so I try
and remember to `apt-cache show` check for suggested/recommended
packages before installing something new via apt-get. [1]


[1] more commonly, I apt-get install something and it works, and I only
bother to check suggested/recommended stuff via apt-cache when it
breaks. :)

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