Potato->woody upgrade fails

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Sat Nov 9 13:28:24 EST 2002

Rob Weir (rweir at softhome.net) wrote:
> ObAptitudeComment:  Give aptitude a try.

Early versions of aptitude segfaulted a lot.  Current versions work for
a bit, then consistently segfault trying to parse the package lists.
I think it has a long way to go before it can be a substitute for

Is this an argument for less packages in debian? ;)

> > Worst thing is that apt and dselect can never agree on what's 
> > installed/removed/on hold.  I've always had to do an apt-get 
> > update/upgrade immediately after a dselect operation, to prevent things 
> > being truly broken.
> Sounds like general dselect stupidity.

I think it sounds more like a general Alex stupidity (PEBKAC ;)

Apt and dselect use separate databases, if you tell dselect to use the
apt method, it'll call apt to update its, then run its own thing with
the info it gets from apt.  dselect has an intuitive user interface with
excellent dependency handling, and I run it once every so often to fix
any problems apt has caused by *not* having quite as good dependency

(day-to-day updating I do with 'wajig')

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