[Q] (Slightly OT) KVM Over CAT5 or Other....

Gary Woodman antigramp at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 7 10:50:50 EST 2002

--- "Donovan J. Edye" <d.edye at bigfoot.com> wrote:
> > The noisiest part of my floor-standing PC is the power supply fan
> However this one is still the bug bear. How do you get a quiet PSU to
> go with the nice and silent VIA ITX and hard drive.

I quietened a PC substantially by making a duct out of cardboard, foam
sheet, and sticky tape, locating it over the PSU fan outlet, and
pointing the duct at the floor. Some sheeting inside the case helped,
but not as much as the right angle in the ducting.

Looking for the Web site that inspired me on this course, I wasn't able
to retrace my steps (from several years ago), but I did find this:
that looked to be very comprehensive.

But it looks like everything is a compromise. Perhaps the ultimate
solution is to wait until you're old enough to not notice the noise.


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