DocBook translation [was Surviving in a DOC infested world]

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Wed Nov 6 12:14:07 EST 2002

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 11:57:19AM +1100, bradh at wrote:
> Quoting Matthew Hawkins <matt at>:
> > In my own document creation at the moment, I'm mainly using two
> > formats
> > - plain text and PDF.  PDF usually ends up smaller and looks far
> > better
> > both on screen and in print, so it's my preference.  I'm floating
> > between using DocBook (or similar tools) and writing TeX, both of
> > which
> > have the ability to convert to all the important output formats :)
> Enough about crappy formats, lets cut code (even if its for documentation 
> rather than an executable :)
> Are you doing SGML Docbook or XML Docbook? What tools?
> And what are you using to generate man page formats? I recently did a 
> conversion of the OpenSLP documentation, and it looks OK in every format except 
> for the one man page that I need a table for - its fine in HTML and PDF, but 
> the man page rendering isn;t there. It looks kinda like the "strings | less" 
> idea.
Speaking of Docbook, that'd be a nice topic for a talk at CLUG . . .
I for one would love to see a simple introduction to it, since I've
never quite gotten around to reading through the docs it comes with.

The promise of pizza later would result in a lot more people being
informed of such things ;-)


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