Surviving in a DOC infested world

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Wed Nov 6 10:13:55 EST 2002

Rasjid Wilcox (rasjidw at wrote:
> If you can convince the sender to repost as RTF, that is usually a big 
> improvement, although the page layout can still end up a little different.

I've actually found more recently that there's more tools to deal with
.DOC format(s) than RTF.  How do you deal with RTF documents?

In my own document creation at the moment, I'm mainly using two formats
- plain text and PDF.  PDF usually ends up smaller and looks far better
both on screen and in print, so it's my preference.  I'm floating
between using DocBook (or similar tools) and writing TeX, both of which
have the ability to convert to all the important output formats :)

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