Surviving in a DOC infested world

Sam Couter sam at
Tue Nov 5 23:05:30 EST 2002

Michael James <michael at> wrote:
> How do you experienced Linux desktoppers deal with Word documents?

I have three friends when it comes to Word documents:

1) antiword - Can do plain text or PostScript, which is pretty neat.
Viewer application only, no editing. Handles tables.

2) AbiWord - Can't handle tables, does everything else acceptably well
except that it tries to look just like Word. I don't think Word has a
very good interface, so I don't see the value in copying it.

3) VMWare with real Windows/Office installation - Desperation sets in

Other options that I exercise usually involve statements along the lines
of: "I can't open that file, can you send it in another format? *Any*
other format will do!". I've partially educated the managers where I
currently work. I probably won't have the same amount of influence where
I'm working next week.
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