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Mon Nov 4 08:50:14 EST 2002

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On Mon, 4 Nov 2002 08:39, Alex Satrapa wrote:
> I for one would like to hear about how to write a device driver for a
> USB device (eg: enough to let me figure out how to make a Microsoft
> SideWinder Game Voice or Microsoft SideWinder Strategic Commander behave
> the same/similar way in Linux as they do in Windows).
OK. I can talk about this.

Note that the problems you're talking about are "mostly userspace" thing to 
actually implement, and don't have much to do with USB. It is really the 
input subsystem that matters. 

Proposed talk:
* I'll discuss the kernel input implementation as a bit of background, maybe a 
couple of trivial example drivers.
* Intro to the event interface, mainly through example code.
* Two minute discussion of the USB HID device interface, and why it is 
different, what you might use it for.
After the talk:
* A bit of free-play hacking - bring USB toys.

My previous offer to crap on about (system/software) engineering, safety, 
reliability, and why real world products suck is deferred to some time in 
2003. It's feeling pretty morbid at the moment anyway.

This is only one offer. I'd personally like to hear about something else.

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