Iptables tracking download usage

Damien Elmes clug at repose.cx
Sun Nov 3 21:34:31 EST 2002

"Joel Pearson" <pearj at writeme.com> writes:

> Hi,
> Has anyone had any experience with using iptables to track download
> usage for different users?
> I'm thinking of setting up a samba pdc/internet gateway for some windows
> machines.  I've heard that because samba is doing the logons it knows
> who owns each packet, which apparently makes it really easy to track
> usage by examining iptables logs.
> I've looked around a little bit, but I couldn't really find out how I'd
> actually get iptables to log usernames/userids.  I've seen some logging
> daemons for iptables, but they didn't seem to offer the option of
> logging which user downloaded what packet.
> Could someone put me in the right direction?

Google for "per user ip accounting". I don't think there is functionality in
the standard kernel to deal with it.


Damien Elmes

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