Next meeting

Michael Still mikal at
Sun Nov 3 20:55:48 EST 2002


for a while we have been lacking a well organised talk. I am thinking this
is probably at least partially because we only start asking around during
the week of the meeting...

So, I was think perhaps people should starting thinking about what talks
they want next meeting sorta real soon now.

I know that I for one would like a talk on anything technical involving
the kernel. The more structured / slidy / whatever the better. Perhaps
someone has an interesting kernels internals talk they could recycle?

Don't get me wrong by the way, I'm not thinking of something like "Isn't
the new qconf great?" I was thinking more along the lines of "How to port
linux to your architecture", "How to write a module / driver" kind of

Just my 2 cents.



Michael Still (mikal at     UTC +10 hours

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