Automating the Default Route (?)

Damien Elmes clug at
Sat Nov 2 19:33:51 EST 2002

Jepri <jepri at> writes:

> On 2002.11.02 15:16 Irena and Richard Jenkins wrote:
>> I found that by opening a terminal, becoming superuser and issuing the
>> command '/sbin/ifconfig eth0 down' , I can surf the net and recover
> route del default
> route add default ppp0

.. which is providing another short term solution. :-). Perhaps the better
question is why the default route was there in the first place, to simply
route to another ethernet network. PPPD tends to add a defaultroute by default
(the option to make it do so is "defaultroute", but I don't think it will do
this if one already exists).

It's worth looking into the way you set up the ethernet link between the
boxes, and going through that configuration process. Are you wanting to share
the internet across both boxes? The machine that isn't used to connect to the
net then has a valid reason for having the net-connected machine as the
default route - but for the net connected box, you want to turn off any
"(default) gateway" / "default route" options in the program you used to set
up the ethernet link.

Damien Elmes

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