Link to ACCC material on Customer protections/rights

Sam Couter sam at
Fri Nov 1 19:17:45 EST 2002

Steve Jenkin <sjenkin at> wrote:
> The ACCC have a good website.  I found this page very relevant to the thread on
> 'implied' Software Warranties

That's a very interesting page. I especially like the cartoon "We stand
behind our goods"!

The page doesn't seem to contain *anything* that mentions software in
any way.

So, is software a service or a good? Why does it seem to be exempt from
these basic conditions imposed by the Trade Practices Act?

And why are engineers and architects not required to meet the same basic
standards as any other service provider?

Am I, a BIT, an "engineer" when I provide the professional services of
writing, modifying, installing or configuring software? Is Microsoft an
"engineer" when it sells software?

Maybe the engineering degree would have been worth it...
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