James McNeill james at heague.com.au
Fri Nov 1 10:07:27 EST 2002

 >Does anyone know if this works in a W2k environment where machines 
have to be added to the >domain by an admin before they can join the 
wonderful world of  M$?

This will depend on how you postmaster has set up the authenticaion. 
IMAP is not usually a domain-sensitive kinda service (but can be set up 
to be) in my experiance. so if you can route packets to the IMAP server, 
 and you can authenticate with NTML, then all should be sweet.

Never actually tried under these circumstances. It's worth a shot though.


>The issue I see is that even if I can authenticate using ntlm, it may still 
>reject me as my PC isn't part of the domain. Anyone had any experience there?
>I think this may be one way around lookout, but I don't think RedHat compiles 
>in ntlm support. I'll have a play with it when I get a minute. Maybe 
>tomorrow. I'll have to get the sources I guess. 
>Does anyone know if the debian package supports ntlm?

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