Tour the world and watch it fall down

James McNeill james at
Fri Nov 1 10:03:57 EST 2002

Local attraction:
site of Old Canberra Hospital. It may be a gordie museum now, but we all 
remember what happened when polotical stunts and engineering went wrong.

don't forget to visit Katie Bender's memorial on the far shore.

just while we're being mobid.


Jeremy wrote:

>I love the sound of 10-15g waves slamming into the bridge.  I'd love to go and
>stand on top of it.  It would be like a roller coaster ride for free, unless
>it happened to give way just at that moment.  Then it would be an amazing ride,
>but it wouldn't last long enough :)
>Does anyone know of other 'poorly considered engineering decisions'?  It'd make
>a great theme for an overseas tour.

This signature was stolen from the 'self referencing statments' department

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