Unreal Tournament slow fps

Simon Fowler simon at himi.org
Wed May 29 23:07:03 EST 2002

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 08:17:06PM +1000, Grant Morphett wrote:
> I can't believe I'm posting this question but I know there are avid 3D gamers out
> there and this problem has got me.  Now normally I don't play games (who has
> time??) but friends gave me a copy of UT and invited me over for a net session. 
> However my 3D accel is terrible.  I have a 16MB ATI Rage-Mobility P AGP in a DELL
> laptop.  When I run UT in the preferences it says Video Driver SDL OpenGL Support
> 800x600.  Everything appears to be running correctly but I am only getting
> 8-10fps.  When I reconfigure and run using software rendering I get 23-25 fps
> (850Meg PIII).
> So, my question is what have I done wrong or is this the performance I can
> expect?  I have Debian Sid and my XFree86 is 4.1.0-15.
I'm not sure whether that's an r128 chip or a mach64 chip - if it's
the r128, the standard XF86 4.1 packages should give you DRI based
support for hardware 3D. If it's a mach64, then you'll need to grab
the DRI cvs code, and that means installing XF86 4.2, as well . . . 

The place to look for the right information is at http://dri.sf.net.
More specifically, the Help and FAQ link from the front page. The
dri-users and dri-devel mailing lists are good places to ask
questions, too. 

Just as a starting point, look at your /var/log/XFree86.log file,
and grep for 'DRI' - if it's being loaded, you'll see a couple of
things mentioning it, including the XFree86-DRI extension (which you
can also check for with xdpyinfo). Also, you should see a kernel
module loaded - r128.o or mach64.o, depending on the chip. 

So, check xdpyinfo for the XFree86-DRI extension, check for the
kernel module, and check /var/log/XFree86.log, in that order, to see
where things are now. Then read the DRI user's guide, and hopefully
you'll be able to solve your problems.

Good luck,

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