Recommended IP Tables firewall script?

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at
Wed May 29 22:01:30 EST 2002

At 9:40 PM +1000 2002/05/29, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:
>Can anyone recommend an IP Tables based firewall script for a three interface
>system (External, Internal and DMZ)?
>I'm (currently) running Gibraltar, and am currently using the scripts from
>, but I'm in no
>position to judge how good these scripts are.
>I'd just like some suggestions from someone who knows more about firewalls
>that I do - even if it is just a 'they look okay', or 'I use <some other
>script> and I think it is pretty good'.

Have a look at these:

TuxFrw is a set of scripts created to ease the way Linux IPTables rules are configured.
Using TuxFrw an user can configure his own Linux / Netfilter based network firewall,
simply passing some IP address numbers and other services utilization policies.

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