linux ps2 kits

John Griffiths john at
Wed May 29 09:02:30 EST 2002

well as my home pc is kaput (dodgy mobo)

and as I happily met all my computing needs on a p133 with 16Mb of ram on
win 95 for many many years I figure a 200mhz Mips chip and 32 Mb of RDRAM
will get me by. ;-)

the only real grunt work my home computing needs is games... and the ps2 is
rather good at those.....

At 02:21 PM 5/28/02 +0100, Richard Cottrill wrote:
>I saw one up and running and they're pretty nifty. I kicked off an argument
>between the Sony rep and an Gamecube developer (I forget the game)...
>Basically they were saying that the PS2 has a wimpy CPU, and two
>co-processors. The rep said she was pretty sure PS2 Linux doesn't hit the
>co-processors - leaving you with a wimpy box.
>Somebody benchmarked it using some tool or other; but I'm not sure how it
>came down (I saw the numbers but they didn't stick in my head as
>meaningful). I raised the question of whether the co-processors could be
>used for other stuff than floating-point and drew a 'maybe...'. I guess some
>energetic person may figure out how to use the co-processors - apparently
>the only bit they haven't released doco for is the IO interface (to make
>piracy harder). I guess you could bastardise the SMP code for the task.
>If people are going to tinker with IO; I figure they'll also head for
>whatever Sony have added to the drive (standard IDE + "something").
>Apparently the call for Linux on PS2 has been pretty quiet relative to the
>vocal demands from the Japanese market. The Sony rep basically said that
>Linux is doing very well in Japan and Microsoft never really got a firm hold
>there. By her account Linux is something of a phenomenon in Japan.
>Just more inane ramblings.
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>> I'd like to know what this is all about.
>> My housemate has a PS2 but he's from Wagga and hasn't brought down yet.
>> I'll keep hassling though...
>> On 28-May-2002 Gary Woodman wrote:
>> > --- John Griffiths <john at> wrote:
>> >> has anyone else put an order in for linux ps2 kits?
>> >
>> > Not so far...
>> >
>> >> anyone interested in sharing knowledge when they arrive?
>> >
>> > It's been quite a while since the kids and I were interested in the
>> > same hardware... I don't think we've *ever* been interested in the same
>> > software!
>> >
>> > So yes, I'm interested, not ready to commit funds just yet but I have
>> > some time for leg work or finger work... Linux continues to pop up all
>> > over the place, and I think it's in everyone's best interests that we
>> > encourage and support people who are making the jump off the
>> > juggernaut.
>> >
>> > Gary
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