ps2pdf without breaking into many pages

Michael Still mikal at
Wed May 29 06:58:25 EST 2002

On Tue, 28 May 2002, Richard Cottrill wrote:

> Is there a way to convert Postscript to pdf without doing it one page at a
> time? I had a look at the ps2pdf/gs solution and I can't see how to get it
> to produce one pdf for a multipage document. Is there a way to stitch
> together many pdf files into just one?

ps2pdf just works on multipage documents (unless I misunderstand what
you're after). The PDFs on my website are generated this way.

There are tools to cat PDFs together, but the task is non-trivial.
Checkout the comp.text.pdf FAQ at for more info.


PS: Ghostscript versions lower than 7 are broken for PDF. Perhaps you need
to upgrade?


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