CPU falls out

Jeremy jepri at webone.com.au
Thu May 23 14:41:41 EST 2002

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>From: Jeremy
>> Drop chip in, slide sideways (there are split pins attached to one 
>> side of the wells the pins go into).  I have tried just pushing down,
>> this does not appear to connect the pins.
>Sounds to me like a ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket that has been
>broken.  It would normally have another piece of plastic that sits over
>the socket with a lever that slides this cover back and forth, clasping
>the pins together.

This is a laptop machine though.  The motherboard doesn't even have room for
a lever.  I am pretty sure that there is was no lever in the design, unless
it was removed before the capacitors were soldered on.

This is what confuses me - a lever isn't that big a thing, even for a laptop

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