Good ethernet NIC for linux

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Thu May 23 11:51:18 EST 2002

Saul Thurrowgood (saul at wrote:
> Does anyone have suggestions for the most reliable NIC/linux driver pair?

Intel Etherexpress Pro

Can't be all that bad if Linus uses it ;)

Seriously, I've used one before and as far as I know the server it is in
is still going strong 4 years later.  It comes in all sorts of different
models, some are the basic 10/100 and others have nifty SNMP management
stuff built in.  Obviously the price increases by leaps & bounds the
more options you get.

Another fairly decent card is the DE-530 which you can get from Page
Data in Fyshwyck for about the same price DE500's (tulip) were.  I've
never had problems with any D-Link card purchased from them.  It uses
the via-rhine driver iirc.

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