Clusters (was CLUG meeting 23 May 2002)

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> > I don't know specifically what you
> > refer to with
> > the comparison to a beowulf, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is a
> > grid-ified version.  Do you have any links?

> I did a quick google for a brief beowulf intro to reassure myself that 
> not talking complete crap and I found

> I think it's a cluster of dedicated machines; most likely using commodity
> hardware. I think it also implies Linux as the OS. The article above is
> careful to point out that each PID on the cluster is unique - allowing
> easy/efficient IPC between nodes.

> >From your description of a grid it sounds much like mosix. From skimming 
> Globus intro it looks like one significant difference is that mosix 
> (yet) support adding nodes on-the-fly (so far as I can tell) and it 

You can add and remove machines on the fly as long as the range of 
applicable ip addresses is pre-defined when mosix is started.  As I only 
have 3 machines defined I can only use those 3 addresses. If I had more 
defined then I could plug more in as I wanted.  There is an FAQ on it 

> support heterogeneous architectures (yet). It does look like 'grid' is 
> a way of describing a complete cluster computing environment of a certain
> variety. If I were a cynic I'd say it smells like a bit of marketing 
> (aka buzzword) for cluster.

> I suppose we'll have to wait awhile for the sleepy people to wake up and
> fire back their comments :)

> Richard

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