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Thu May 23 00:30:45 EST 2002

Wed, May 22, 2002 at 09:20:43AM +1000, Nathan Le Nevez wrote:

> Mikal,
> I'm more talking about cross-suburb WaveLan :-)

On a related note....

Just recently I came across a bulk buy of 8dbi omni base antennae from
canada. I've put in an order for 2.  If they do end up going for $70,
it's an exceptional deal. They're 360deg h-plane, 18deg e-plane which is
also quite nice too for an 8dbi. The 10dbi I purchased recently was only
8deg h-plane, and the 7dbi was 16deg e-plane (Pacific Satellite). 

Check out

These would make excellent base stations for places around canberra, if
people are interested - go a head and register your purchases - the more
people buy the more it will bring the unit price down for everyone.


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