CLUG meeting 23 May 2002

Simon Haddon simon at
Wed May 22 21:22:06 EST 2002

Same as Matt I have not been able to attend for a while now.  If anyone 
is interested (and I can make it) then I could talk about my experience 
in setting up a Linux/mosix cluster with failover for web hosting.


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On 22/05/02, 19:56:48, Matthew Hawkins <matt at> wrote 
regarding Re: CLUG meeting 23 May 2002:

> For the first time in a long time I might be able to make it in light of
> my new position as general employment investigations officer for
> Centrelink ;)

> Should there be a computer with HTTP access to the internet I could show
> off some of the stuff that has kept me away from CLUG.

> --
> Matt

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