Talks for tomorrow

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I'm more talking about cross-suburb WaveLan :-)


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On Wed, 22 May 2002, Nathan Le Nevez wrote:

Do we mean wavelan as in community networking houses? Or 802.11b as used
in peoples lounge rooms? I can give the 38 second talk on how to build
your own access point using a DWL 520 PCI wireless card and an old PC
running linux if people want...


> I wonder if anyone would like to talk about WaveLAN? I am sure there
> alot of people out there who would be extremely interested, such as
> myself. Are there any people out there who are currently using it in
> Canberra who would be willing to share their experience?
> - Nathan
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> Hey all,
> I guess it might be time to try to line up some talks for the CLUG
> meeting
> tomorrow... I am willing (if people are interested) to give a quick
> on 'trivsql' if people would like... Are there any other talk offers?
> What's 'trivsql' I hear you ask? Well, it's a SQL database implemented
> on
> top of tdb, which is the GDBM like database thingie used in Samba.
> Cheers,
> Mikal


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